In the Woods with an Ostomy Bag

This is the year to think about big things and where we are all going.  With the COVID-19 pandemic going on I know that being in the woods is the best place for me to be.  It means I am safe from any virus and I am out here for a purpose.  The purpose of my trip is to provide my family with food for an entire year.  It is an amazing opportunity that I am able to do and I was once really afraid that my stoma and ostomy bag would keep me from doing it.  But luckily, there is hope for all of us with stomas that our lives are pretty much still going to be as awesome as they were before with just a little extra work.  That is why I feel pretty lucky this year.  I am no longer in pain from the issues that caused me to have an ostomy.  I am also able to still enjoy the things that I love the most.  One of those is getting out into the woods all alone with me my thoughts and my God which allow me to contemplate life and where I want to go and also to put food on the table. Some people are really afraid that they will never be able to do the things they used to after they get an ostomy.  I am here to say that is flat out silly.

Being outside is simply one of the ways I recharge my batteries so to speak.  After a year of hard work and labor, I enjoy taking the hunting season off and simply enjoying the peace and quiet of nature. There is something special about having the time and the skill to be a successful hunter as well and part of that allows me to recharge as well. It is confidence-inspiring and that is part of why I really enjoy being out in nature and beating nature.  There is nothing easy about hunting.  It can be hard, cold, and very physical in nature.

The physical aspect is what I thought would keep me from actually being outside again in that way.  It was because I know I have a stoma and I know that it may put me into the position of being more prone to hernias and other abdominal injuries.  I figured I was done for but with research and asking my Doctor, Pharmacist, and the internet I was able to find out that I am just fine being outside.  That is the coolest part of this world nowadays is that I can get so much information so fast. This allows me to be able to have confidence in doing what I do.

This year I was able to get into shape at the gym enough to feel confident hunting deer. I knew I had the strength and cardio to haul a 200-pound animal out of the forest. It is not something that is easy, but it was well worth it and now I have meat for my family for the whole year.  It cost almost nothing, but my time and the time I spent has allowed me to be focused on the next year even more. So be confident in your gear and research well.